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As people in Myanmar (Burma) are genuinely hospitable, helpful, & especially honest, you could feel safely that your stay with them would be much worthwhile. more>>

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As people in Myanmar(Burma) are genuinely hospitable, helpful, & especially honest, you could feel safely that your stay with them would be much worthwhile. If you do go to Myanmar (Burma), you will find that the vast majority of the people will welcome you and of course will be very happy to see you there.

Cultural & natural aspects in Myanmar are still intact. From your gateway Yangon, to the beautiful Inle Lake, last royal capital of Mandalay and the great site of Bagan with ancient pagodas, it is a place largely ignored by the rest of the world. So, the good news is that there is very little pollution, unlike in the rest of Asia.

We, Temples of Dynasty Travels and Tours, ensure you, as a local travel agent & inbound operator belongs to a Myanmar family, that your most possible supports for our in-bound tourism could be mainly considered as an essential role in local economy because more sanctions (coming unfairly from developed countries) cause the death for local people.

Hence, you are cordially encouraged to go to Myanmar for your wonderful vacation trip.

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Below are some recent results from a survey carried out with independent travelers staying more than two weeks in Myanmar; you will find comments on some aspects of Myanmar.
Questions Answers Comments
Do you like Myanmar ? 98% of travelers surveyed say "YES"  except party-goers
Would you happily come back? 98% of travelers surveyed say "YES" Some travelers are annoyed by dictatorship, but for the vast majority, Myanmar is, thanks to its people, a travel wonder.
Would you recommend Myanmar? 100% of travelers surveyed say "YES"  
The tourists attractions Rating: 15.37 /20 Plenty of cultural & natural attractions.
The city scenery Rating: 13.40 /20 On Asia's scale, Myanmar ends up very respectably; But anyway, Touring Myanmar is more about seeing rural villages than cities.
The natural scenery Rating: 14.00 /20 To discover today boost some very pretty natural sceneries: Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, beaches or small mountains offer great natural escapes.
The cultural opportunities Rating: 16.56 /20 The highest rate in Asia due to the good interactions that it is possible to have with the local people.
The food Rating: 12.48 /20 Myanmar food is not popular with travelers but good alternatives.
The infrastructures Rating: 10.04 /20 If coming from a developed country, Myanmar's roads and transports will indeed look like substandard.
The cost of living and traveling Rating: 15.79 /20 Myanmar would certainly be one of the cheapest country to visit in Asia, except the entrance fees.
The safety Rating: 19.02 /20 The good thing about the military government: you feel perfectly safe!
The cleanliness Rating: 13.40 /20 The general impression is quite favorable!
The pollution Rating: 13.05 /20 Due to most of traveling in unaffected countryside area.
The Shopkeepers' attitude Rating: 15.37 /20 Certainly not pushy!
The Myanmar people's attitude Rating: 18.57 /20 Local people are indeed as friendly and generous as it is possible to be..
Entertainment Rating: 07.27 /20 This certainly contributes to the charm of the place.
Shopping Rating: 14.40 /20 Myanmar offers numerous shopping opportunities for souvenirs.
Generally, the country Rating: 17.40 /20 An excellent rate for the Golden Land!
Value for money Rating: 17.43 /20 Myanmar is that travelers believe deliver the most for their money!


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